Our website contains all valuable entries of import/export data in terms of duties, charges, CIF & FOB values , the volume of sales, amount of import and exports and the trade surplus, deficit value. Data has been sorted out in very simple way and easy to understand to everyone.

Chemicalsexim is one of the best import export information websites of chemicals and related industries in India that provides Indian trade data services and trading business information.You can research competitors, shipping entries with supplier details, product styles and import volumes.

How data will be helpful

  • Get new Business perspectives of India and overseas.
  • List of Buyers & Suppliers of your traded products.
  • Track your competitor’s shipments.
  • Keeping you updated with the latest trade activities and pricing of your Product.
  • Get more new sales leads and evaluating opportunities.
  • Find new sources of supply at better offer.
  • Helping to capitalize on new ventures by tracking supply and demands.
  • Conducting Global Market Research.

Why Choose Us

Data available with us 48 hours before than others.

Our data gives you best value of money.

100% authentic data available at affordable price.

We provide refund policy to our clients in case of any issue.

Full reliability with long term relation.

Best customer support and solutions.

More coverage and better analysis.

Fastest query-resolve services for our clients.

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