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Subscription plans differ on specific features as per user needs. Plans are available at best price with more download records. We are providing more records, best quality and better authenticity than our competitors. You’ll also have the ability to download into Excel, and you’ll still receive the same great customer service as with any other plan.

Once you login to your activated account you will find the database of chemicals and related industries such as Chapter-25,27,28,29,30,31,32,34,38,39 All India import and export. After selecting your products or HS codes you can have access of all columns except ‘supplier name’ which will be locked. Once you download as per your requirement you can access to all data.

For India Data, 1 point would be deducted when you download 1 shipment i.e, one row.

Account will be activated within 30 minutes once we get the payment confirmation.

Our data updated within 10th to 12th of every month.

We source our data from several custom departments, import/export agents, public government agencies, non-profit organizations and our private data service partners.

Our data are 100% authentic and accurate with more entries and information than our competitors, we assure that these data must be beneficial for your business.

After subscribing with our plans that will allow you to analyze and discover hidden opportunities and multiply your profit. You can find out profitable and emerging new markets, trends of your product in these markets, new profitable products, authentic and active buyers and suppliers details.

Yes, you can upgrade your account type at any time. You can also top-up your download points if it expire before subscription period.

You can top-up your points if it expire before subscription period.

We provide chemicals market updates through our website www.chemicalsupdates.com where we have lots of existing clients for these industries hence we started data services in chemicals and related industries only but we can also provide other chapters now.

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